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(Vídeo) El ex-vicepresidente del Barça admitiendo el Villarato

Godall: "Not being okay with the RFEF and UEFA damage us, in a sporting level"
A former vice president of Barcelona, Alfons Godall, has made some controversial statements for LaSexta on Joan Laporta’s time as president and his relations with the referees:
"We have to be behind to the entities that have power and don’t turn our backs on them. I remember that once, Laporta had it very clear."
The vice president, who had always been close to the movements of Laporta, said:
"Supporting Villar (RFEF president) is good for Barcelona’s sake, also to have a good relationship with the Federation, that’s where the Committees of referees, of competition and Football League are managed."
"I think that Laporta made grew up a lot and very thoroughly these good relations with these institutions, specially UEFA, and that helped us (in a sporting level). That was very clear."
"At this point we can affirm that this absence is damaging Barcelona For example when talk about the referees. When we balance out the good and bad calls on us and to our rivals"

"Right now we have to make sure everything is okay. Ask if everything is okay and be vigilant of our interests. When this kind of things are evident is because something is going on." (Taken from ThatIsFoootball)
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